Rural Love Creations is a concept clothing brand. It is a celebration of our heritage, we celebrate great moments in our history.

Through our chic and quirky t-shirts we pay homage to the golden 80’s. The era of glossy perms and great stories of hunters narrated around the fire.

Rural love is a fusion of the 80’s and contemporary. We are inspired by the 80’s soccer legends, artists, brands and people who make a positive contribution in society. Our clothes are produced seasonally, focusing on different concepts each season. We also collaborate with brands that have made a positive contribution in society.

In 2010 we were commissioned by the SABC to design soccer inspired t-shirts for the cast of GENERATIONS on SABC1 for their support of the National Soccer Team.

Our mission is to create clothes that speak to your soul, clothes that you can wear with a sense of pride.

Rural Love.